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Nyuto Onsenkyo One-day bathing (winter)

乳頭温泉郷 日帰り入浴(冬季)

Nyuto Onsenkyo One-day bathing (winter)

(See below for details.)

《About closed days (as of December 3, 2019)》

It will be changed as follows. Please be careful when using it.

* Tsuru no Yu Onsen / Tsuru no Yu Onsen Annex Yamanoyado

Transfers from Alpa Komakusa will be suspended from December 9th (Monday) to 11th (Wednesday).

* Tae no Yu

One-day bathing will be closed from December 9th (Monday) to 13th (Friday).

* Ookama Onsen

Holidays: December 15th (Sun) to 16th (Mon)