Samurai AKITA - Tazawako Kakunodate TRAVEL GUIDE


We welcome you to a trip to enjoy the historic city of Kakunodate. If you overlook the town of the samurai residence where the samurai once lived, visit the samurai residences, or come into contact with the food culture, you'll surely begin to feel like a samurai yourself.

JR Kakunodate station

Kakunodate station has only one exit, so you won't be lost. If you would like to get some tourism informtion, please visit Touris Information Center KURA Kakunodate, just beside of the station.

20min walk
Bukeyashiki street

At the beginning of the Edo period in 1620, a large-scale city plan was implemented by Ashina, and then Kakunodate flourished as the castle town of the Satake Kita family.
The streets lined with samurai residences are called "Uchimachi," and still retain the characteristics of the samurai town, such as the layout of the residence at the end of the Edo era, the main residence, the gate, and the warehouse.

this Samurai residences The main street has been designated as a National Preservation District for Important Traditional Buildings and is protected as a cultural property.
The preservation area is located almost in the center of the old samurai town and is equivalent to a samurai residence for upper and middle-class samurai.
Fences continue along a wide street, Shidarezakura The large trees of fir and fir form a deep grove, and it is a tasteful space where you can still feel the lifestyle of those days.

10min walk
Ishiguro's house

The Ishiguro family is one of the six existing samurai residences in Kakunodate, and even now, direct descendants continue to live in the main residence. The main building is the oldest (Edo period cultural year). In addition, this is the only samurai residence in Kakunodate where the families of descendants continue to live in the main building.
Although it is a part, you can go up to the room and see it. In addition, during the tour, staff members will provide guidance and explanations in English about the characteristics of the building and Japanese traditional lifestyles.

15-20min walk to the summit
Mt. Furushiro

Furushiroyama is a mountain with an altitude of 168m in the north of Kakunodate city area.
The promenade is currently being maintained as the site of Kakunodate Castle Ruins. It is a 15-minute walk to the summit, and it is a recommended point where you can overlook the cityscape of Kakunodate from the summit.

10min walk
Hirafuku Memorial Museum

Works of local painters are on display, including the masterpieces of modern Japanese paintings, Hohei Hirafuku and Momoho Hakuho.
The site is the ruins of Satakekita Ikumin's residence during the Shosei period. The harmony between the museum building and the samurai residences is also a highlight.

10min walk

It was opened in 1984 to promote its promotion, taking advantage of the fact that rattan crafting received designation of traditional crafts of the country.
The hall features a demonstration of rattan work, allowing you to closely observe the craftsman's detailed techniques. Related materials of town's craft, culture and history are on display. There is also a business center and a tea room available, allowing you to view it slowly.

5min walk
Tomachi 外町

A former merchant town
"Tomachi," is, "Uchimachi(Samurai houses area) as opposed to", followed by the cityscape, such as merchant, you feel the history.
Many old buildings and storehouses remain, and today we value this space and utilize it in shops and restaurants.

5min walk
Ando brewery

Ando family (city designated tangible cultural property)
In Shimoshinmachi " Andojyozo Co., Ltd. " Is the oldest surviving storehouse in the Tohoku region. The storehouse facing the street was built in 1891 in the Meiji 24th (1891), learning from repeated fires in the outer town (merchant town). Kakunodate It uses bricks fired in Shiraiwa, and is currently open to the public in Kura-Zashiki.

10min walk

Purchase seasonal fruits, wild vegetables, and natural mushrooms grown in Akita at a good price. Enjoy snacks with seasonal fruits at the parlor inside.

5min walk
JR Kakunodate station