Samurai AKITA - Tazawako Kakunodate TRAVEL GUIDE

Seasonal Highlights

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After winter, various types of flowers starts blooming. One of the most popular place to go see is the Kakunodate Cherry blossoms, which famous all over japan.  With snow still on the mountains, you can take in and experience snow along with spring flowers.

Most Popular Spring Spot

From the middle of may, trees begin to leaf out and trekking or walking among nature is popular. Water activities during this time in Lake Tazawa are also great and a lot of fun. 

Autumn is a beautiful season here. You can see golden rice fields, indicating a season of harvesting rice, and the dynamic "Koyo" autumn leaves. Dakigaeri gorge, Nyuto Onsen and Mt. Komagatake are popular places to sightsee during this time too.  

Tazawako ski resortis the largest ski resort in all of Akita, where you can enjoy the lake view from on top of the ski course. There are some unique and traditional winter festivals such as the Kamihinokinai Paper Ballon Flight and Kakunodate Hiburi Fire Festival.