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Weeping Shidarezakura in full bloom pouring down on Bukeyashiki Street

Cherry blossom town Kakunodate


The castle town, Kakunodate is full of cherry blossoms

When the tip of the hanging weeping Shidarezakura begins to turn slightly red, the news of spring finally arrives here at Kakunodate.
Weeping cherry blossoms in full bloom on Shidarezakura Street , a tunnel of cherry blossoms that gorgeously colors the riverside ...

Spring is the most spectacular season of the year, with the entire town of Kakunodate dyed light red.

Preservation and management of cherry blossoms

Past flowering information

Kakunodate Sakura Festival

Date: April 20th-May 5th every yearKakunodate Sakura Festival is visited by more than 1.2 million people from all over Japan during the period. In addition, various events are held in the city during the period, and the town is very busy.
Please take a walk under the cherry blossoms in full bloom on the historical Bukeyashiki Street .
(The holding of the Sakura Festival is subject to change depending on the flowering situation of the cherry blossoms.)

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