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3 Types of Accommodation for different Travel Styles

What type of accommodation suits your travel style?

Onsen Japanese inn

Many hot springs are scattered across Semboku City.
To name a few, Nyuto Onsenkyo, Tazawako Kogen Onsenkyo, Mizusawa Onsenkyo, and Tamagawa Onsen are extremely popular, along with plenty of hot spring inns in each area. At a ryokan, dinner and breakfast are generally included in the accommodation so you'll have a chance to experience local seasonal cuisine. And of course you can also relieve the fatigue of your trip by taking a bath in the hot springs. Staying at an onsen ryokan will be a great opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture.

Photo: Tsurunoyu

Farmer’s stay

If you want to stay as if you live in the countryside of Japan, we recommend a farmhouse inn.
There is even an inn where you can help with vegetable harvesting and experience making local dishes.
Farmer's Stay Guide


If you would like to choose a Western-style hotel, that's available too. Normally, these hotels don't include dinner and breakfast, but you always have the option to explore and try the great places to eat around town.

Photo:Minami-Tamagawa Onsen