Samurai AKITA - Tazawako Kakunodate TRAVEL GUIDE


Do you know the legend of Lake Tazawa, a lake of aesthetics and mystery? If you know the story of Lake Tazawa, which is known as the deepest lake in Japan, you may want to take a trip to the lake. Do so on a sightseeing bus that goes around the lake.

JR Tazawako station

Arriving at JR Tazawako station. I you would like to go back to JR Kakunodate station, you can use a train, about 10min.

Public bus "Tazawako roud trip line"

You can get a bus ticket at the station, inside of Tourist Infromation Center Folake.

30min by bus

The bus will stop here for 20min.

10min by bus

The name of the Gozanoishi jinja is derived from the fact that the Akita feudal lord Yoshitaka Satake rested on his waist when he toured Tazawako in 1650.

By the vermilion-painted torii gate, you can see the “Seven-Colored Tree Norigi” with seven different trees from one tree, “Tatakko's Reizumi” that Tatsuko drinks to become a dragon, and the Tatsuko's figure There are also famous places such as "Kagamiishi".
The bus will stip here for 10min.

5min by bus
Lunch restaurant

There are several restaurants near where you get off the bus. You can enjoy local cuisine and local beer.

20min by bus
JR Tazawako station/Nyuto onsenkyo

After lunch, you can go in two directions from the shore of Lake Tazawa. One is a bus that returns to Tazawako Station, and the other is Nyuto Onsenkyo, which is famous as a secret hot spring. If you have time, I definitely want to take a hot spring bath at Nyuto Onsenkyo to heal the tiredness of your trip.