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UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage! Kakunodate-Matsuri no Yama-Gyoji(nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property)


2016 "UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage" registration

In celebration of Kakunodate Shinmeisha to be carried out in three days of September 7-9 days (Shinmei Sha) and Yakushido (Yakushido), there is a tradition of about 400 years.

Each Hikiyama is worship to Shinmeisha, parade the town with the objective of imperial inspection to Satake north house. Along the way, if the mountain each other and ran into, you can not easily pass by it.
Under the direction of the person responsible for each town, wakashū called negotiations members are piled negotiations around the priority of traffic. If negotiations Matomare well mountain is crossed, in the case of breakdown it may come out on the use of force to the "Yamabuttsuke".
Once stringing of the mountain, 7 days Kakunodate Shinmeisha worshipers from evening, 8 days Satake north house imperial inspection, tourism for mountain Buttsuke from the evening, is a very common form is that 9 days fulfillment Institute Yakushido worship.
Shinmeisha worship, and finish the Yakushido worship for mountain of behavior will not be constrained, you can see the sight Nigiyakasu took to the majority of the mountain town and past the evening of 9 days.

9 days past the middle of the night in the vicinity of the crossroads increasing number of mountain to the negotiations On the right of way, and broke down clash of power and force, mountain Buttsuke called "production" will begin.
In addition, a good decoration mountain Bayashi of tempo that musicians of each town is played, is one of the elegant hand dance also attractions by Akita lass.

◎ operation of floats

7 days: visits to each Hikiyama is Shinmeisha
8 days: imperial inspection in each Hikiyama is Satake north house, tourist mountain Buttsuke, Oyama Hayashi Competition (Satake north house imperial inspection at the time)
8 days, 9 days: visits to each Hikiyama is Yakushido

Reiwa "kakunodate no Omatsuri" based on year tourism for the clash ⇊⇊


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Reiwa original year "kakunodate no Omatsuri" flyer ⇊⇊

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