Registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage! Kakunodate Festival Yama Event (National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property)


2016 Registered as "UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage"

It is a festival of Kakunodate Shinmeisha and Yakushido, which is held for three days from September 7th to 9th, and has a tradition of about 400 years.

Each Hikiyama floats visit the Shinmeisha and Yakushido floats and parade through the town with the purpose of viewing the Satake Kita family. If the mountains meet each other along the way, they cannot easily pass each other.
Under the direction of the person in charge in each town, young people called negotiators will negotiate over the priority of passage. If the negotiations are successful, the Yama will cross, and in the case of a rupture, they may use their abilities and "bump".
The usual form of towing Yama is to visit Kakunodate Shinmeisha from the evening of the 7th, visit the Satake Kita family on the 8th, visit Yamabutsu for sightseeing from the evening, and visit the Yakushido on the 9th.
After visiting Shinmeisha and Yakushido, Yama's behavior will not be restricted, so after the evening of the 9th, most of Yama will go out into the town and be lively.

After the night and half of the 9th, the number of Yama who negotiate over the right of way increases near the crossroads, and when it breaks down, power and power collide, and a yamabutsu called "production" begins.
In addition, one of the highlights is the fast-paced Kayama Bayashi played by the musicians in each town and the elegant hand dance by Akita Aunt.

◎ Operation of Hikiyama

7th: Each Hikiyama visits Shinmeisha
8th : Each Hikiyama floats to the Satake Kita family, hits a sightseeing mountain, and Oyama Hayashi Contest (when the Satake Kita family is viewed)
8th and 9th: Each Hikiyama visits the Yakushido

Clash for sightseeing at "Kakunodate Matsuri" in the first year of Reiwa ⇊⇊


* Please also see the notes on viewing and the knowledge of watching festivals .

Flyer for "Kakunodate Matsuri" in the first year of Reiwa ⇊⇊

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