Illumination and live distribution of red buckwheat field


In Semboku City, various varieties of buckwheat noodles are cultivated, but in addition to the general white flower buckwheat noodles, "Takamine Ruby" with red flowers is actively cultivated in Semboku City. It is a feature.

This time, as the first attempt, with the cooperation of producers, in the two red soba fields, the Tazawako Obonai district, which can be seen from the train window of the Akita Shinkansen, and the Hinokinai district, Nishikicho, which can be seen from the Akita Nairiku line, We will carry out efforts to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

1. Illumination of red buckwheat field

Light-up period From Wednesday, October 7, 2020 to flowering (assumed at the end of October)

Light-up time from 17:00 to 22:15

Place Tazawako Obonai Ukiyozaka's red soba field (National Route 341, opposite Gran Mart Tazawako store)

Parking lot Please use the parking lot in front of Tazawako Hospital.

Please observe the "new travel etiquette" based on the "new lifestyle" and take care not to cause traffic obstruction due to annoying parking etc., and enjoy it safely.

2. Live distribution of red buckwheat field

Date and time

From Thursday, October 8th, 2nd year of Reiwa to harvesting (scheduled for early November)


(1) Lake Tazawa Akasoba field in Ukiyozaka, Life Honai (National Route 341, opposite Gran Mart Tazawako store)

(2) Nishikicho Hinokinai Matsuba's red soba field (National Route 105, near Matsuba Station on the Akita Inland Transit Railway)

* The red soba harvested from each is mainly offered as new soba noodles from around November at soba restaurants that use ground powder in the Kakunodate area of Semboku city (information will be added in the future). is).
Click here for live streaming of the red soba field

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