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[Update] Kakunodate of the Cherry Blossom Festival (Part 2 2021)



April 20 to May 5 days (planned)

If the flowering is premature is, by policy, such as the study of the pre-held ※ infection status and national, prefectural and city of the new coronavirus, such as from April 17, so you may be subject to change, please understand in advance.

Event content

◎ to those who come to the "Reiwa 3 fiscal Kakunodate of the Cherry Blossom Festival"

※ By Reiwa three years of Akita Prefecture, on April 12, the new coronavirus infection alert level rose to 3, for "Sakura Festival of Kakunodate" of Reiwa three years, there was a change, such as the following.

(1) The following applies person, please refrain from the visit to the "Sakura Festival of Kakunodate".
(1) Excellent not those of the physical condition (normal temperature + 1 ℃ or more, or 37.5 ℃ or more of fever, cough, sore throat, malaise, there are symptoms such as taste, smell abnormalities)
(2) close to an infected person, close contacts, who you have a person who is suspected of infection (3) "epidemic prevention priority measures" applied region, and who come from outside the prefecture that infection is expanding

2, "Sakura Festival of Kakunodate", please observe the following: (1) wear at all times mask (2) hand disinfection by alcohol or the like, strict enforcement of hand washing (3) attention and restaurants of the scene that could remove the mask time: face-to-face, the conversation refrain that. At the time that the anniversary taken not to act, such as issuing a loud voice: without removing the mask, if possible. Is a short period of time with no shout (4) ensure social distance (social distance) (5) Eating out in all parts of the city, please refrain from (6) When removing COCOA asks you for a registration, such as

◎ thing is not performed in Reiwa three years

  1. Cherry blossoms light up

  2. Samurai residences street (Omotemachi-Higashikatsurakucho) pedestrian

  3. Food and drink stalls opened in the opening event open space of Sakura-Namiki Paking lot, stage events
  4. Extraordinary opening of the city management area within the (⇒ toward the operator )

◎ Parking

- Sakura-Namiki Paking lot(8:30 to 16:30 Paid: large bus-only, off-time only regular cars mixed)
At night (16: 30 to the next 8:00) is closed and the former corner high ground extraordinary Parking (fee: regular cars)
During the day (9:00 to 16:00) only sales, at night the Kakunodate east public hall (free)
Ochiai stadium (Free)
· JA Akita lass Kakunodate General Branch (Free: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only)
- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kakunodate national highway maintenance branch office (free: bus waiting at the time of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays congestion)

◎ Please cooperate with the new coronavirus measures against infectious diseases

※ will Reiwa 3 April 12 in (month) to the content of what is determined in the tourist event Executive Committee of Kakunodate.
The contents of which, because of changes in conditions such as the spread of the future of the new coronavirus infection, so you may be subject to change, please understand in advance.

  1. I'd like a general infection prevention measures and wear masks, hand washing gargle, hand hygiene, social distance, a three-dense of avoidance, such as, COCOA (contact confirmation application)
  2. Including the compliance and samurai residence street, such as right-hand traffic, on the city roads, pedestrian right-hand traffic. Vehicle Kojo Bridge and alley Bridge and Uchikawa Bridge of the left side of the road and cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi is always one-way traffic from upstream to downstream
  3. We have established the installation and six of the walk-through type thermometry office of temperature measurement stations.
    Monitor to make sure your own body temperature to be displayed, please check the health state.
    • If the normal body temperature + 1 ℃ or more, or 37.5 ℃ more heat has been confirmed, please stop the Hanami-walking.
  4. Acts such as issuing a banquet, loud and loud noise in the use rule riverbed of cypress Uchikawa Tamagawa river bed (Kojo Bridge and Ochiai river park), please refrain.
    - Eating out, eating and drinking, such as lunch, ban garbage drinking take home always
  5. If the case If you symptoms such as fever occurs there is, family doctor → to the primary care physician prior to visit there is no telephone consultation, family doctor → Akita new corona visit Center (phone: 018-866-7050) or, Semboku City you can visit consultations in the next hospital institutions in the city.
    • City Kakunodate General Hospital Tel: 0187-54-2111
      Weekdays 8: 30-12: 13:00: 00-17: 00
      Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, at night (emergency department)

    • Municipal Tazawako Hospital Telephone: 0187-43-1131
      Weekdays 8:30 to 17:15
      (Also on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, without direct visit, please put the phone be sure to consult before consultation)

◎ About Live!

In the "Akita flower Journey 2021", we live distribution.
Those who do not can come this year here please enjoy.


- For the new coronavirus infection alert level (Akita Prefecture home page)
· The new corona virus-related safety measures guidelines, etc.

● Contact ●
Tourism Events Executive Committee of Kakunodate (Semboku City sightseeing inside of a section) Telephone: 0187-43-3352
Semboku City Tourist Information Center "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura" Phone: 0187-54-2700

    For more information of Reiwa three years "Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival" will not refer to the HP Semboku City.
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