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Kakunodate on-demand transportation "Kakunodate"


"Yobunoru Kakunodate" is a service that allows you to travel from any location within the service area to any other location.

This is a shared transportation service that operates when customers make a reservation!

You can use it not only for sightseeing but also for shopping, medical visits, and more.
*During busy periods, it may not be possible to make a reservation at your desired time.

You're free to get on and off in free boarding and alighting areas!

Pick-up and drop-off locations outside the free boarding and disembarking area: "9. Kakunodate Kayoukan Co., Ltd Hanayokan" "23. Farm Inn Midori no Kaze"

"㉝ Farmstay "Yami"" "③ Akita Art Village" "⑧ Onsen Yupopo" "㉙ Semboku Workplex" "㉚ Dakigaeri Valley"

*For "Dakigaeri Valley," the "Dakigaeri Valley No. 2 Parking Lot" will be used as an alternative during times when significant traffic congestion is expected.

*You cannot get on or off between the "free boarding and alighting area" and the above boarding and alighting locations.

*Please note that there may be cases where you will be sharing the ride with other customers, so boarding and arrival times may vary.

[Operation period]

Reiwa 1, 2024 (Monday) - Reiwa 31, 2025 (Monday)

[Operating hours]

8:30 to 17:30 (Reservations can be made from 8:00 to 17:00)

*Reservations can only be made the day before or on the day of travel.


400 yen per person per visit (same price for adults and children)

*If you start and end at "Dakigaeri Valley", the fee is 1,000 yen per person per trip (same price for adults and children)

*If you prepay on TOHOKU MaaS (website), you can ride for just 300 yen ! A one-day unlimited ride ticket costs 800 yen !

◆Payment method◆


②Transportation IC cards such as Suica

②TOHOKU MaaS e-ticket

*PiTaPa transportation IC cards cannot be used.

*For electronic tickets, you can purchase them by charging your Mobile Suica or by credit card.

[How to make a reservation]

▶ Reservation by phone: 070-7051-6172

Book online
TOHOKU MaaS website *Membership registration is required.

Click here for detailed online reservation instructions.


[NEW!!] Click here for the flyer for "Yobunoru Kakunodate" from April 1st↙↙


[NEW!!] Operation area map (PDF data) ↙↙


[NEW!!] "Yobunoru Kakunodate" English version

(PDF: 2,169KB)

[NEW!!] "Yobunoru Kakunodate" Traditional Edition

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