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6th Tazawako Station Square Summer Festival


Welcome to Tazawako ! Welcome back to your hometown!

The 6th Tazawako Station Square Summer Festival will be held in front of JR Tazawako Station, which is also the gateway to Akita Prefecture.

◆Date and time : Tuesday, August 15, 2023, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

◆Location : JR Tazawako Station Square

◆Time schedule

11:00~ Opening event
11:20~ Opening Creative Japanese Drum Katsura Gumi
12:00~ Entertainment dance Komachikai Bonten (Brahma heaven experience)
13:00~ Karaoke fun corner
Around 15:00 Boarding Brahma Youth Volunteers
15:30~ Entertainment song and dance Komachi Kai Brahma
16:00~ Karaoke fun corner (walk-ins are welcome)
18:00 ... Closing
・* Please note that the time and order may change.

In addition to food stalls, the gourmet plaza will feature food trucks such as ``Potato specialty store THE POTATO'' and ``United Kebab''!

Gather the kids ~ Let's win sweets with the ring toss challenge!

◆Contact information

“Komachi no Kai” is a group that utilizes the Tazawako station square.

Representative: Murakami / Telephone 080-1833-9139

Event information