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Akita Flower Journey 2024


Flowers heralding the arrival of spring in Semboku City

"The Asian skunk cabbage of Tazawako 's Sashimaki Marshland"

"The Dogtooth Violets Colony in Yatsu and Kamatari, Nishiki Town"

" Shidarezakura on Samurai Residence Street in Kakunodate Town"

" Someiyoshino on the banks of the Hinokinai River in Kakunodate Town"

We will keep you updated on the status of each flower.

Updated April 12th (Friday)

▶ Foreground: 70% bloomed

▶Back: 50% bloomed

Location: Tazawako, Sashimaki Marshland

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2024 Reiwa Mizubasho Festival

Updated Saturday, April 13

▶ Courses 5, 9, and 10: 50% in bloom Opening period: April 12th (Friday) to May 5th (Sunday, holiday)

▶Katakurikan website →

Location ▶Nishiki Town Yatsu, Kamatari Katakuri Colony

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Katakuri Village in Reiwa

Updated April 14 (Sun)

▶In front of the Folklore Museum: Full bloom

▶ Entire street: 60% in bloom

Location: Kakunodate Samurai Residence Street

Updated April 14 (Sun)

▶ Bud [flowering]

Location: Kakunodate Town, Hinokinai River bank

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Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Kakunodate 2024

Live Streaming "Akita Flower Journey"
Asian skunk cabbage in Sashimaki Marsh, cherry blossoms in Kakunodate Ochiai, cherry blossoms in Tazawako, and Katakuri flowers in Nishiki.
*Live streaming in progress*

"Michinoku's Three Great Cherry Blossom Spots"
Cherry blossoms in Hirosaki, Kakunodate Tenshochi, and Kakunodate Buke Yashiki Street

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