"Kakunodate Hina Doll Exhibition" is being held at Kakunodate Birch Crafts Museum!


This is the annual Hina doll exhibition named after the Doll's Festival.

In addition to old chicks such as Kyoho chicks, oshie and clay dolls, "Shimadai", which is displayed during ceremonial occasions such as weddings, is also on display.

In old houses such as the Satake Kita family, there are many Kyoho chicks and ancient and modern chicks that are proud of their high quality as old chicks.

And the doll tools that accompany the dolls are also handed down with historical items that make you feel the times.

Please take a look at the many Hina dolls that have been passed down from generation to generation!

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pin1.png Place Kakukan Birch Craft Tradition Hall

pin1.pngPeriod February 2nd (Sat) -April 7th (Sun), 2019

pin1.pngThe opening hours of the Kakukan Birch Crafts Tradition Hall and the contents of the annual exhibition

Please see the birch craft tradition hall facility information !

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