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Sashimaki Mizubasho festival


To Sashimaki wetlands also made to the size of about 3ha, skunk cabbage, which was eagerly awaiting the thaw is in full glory on one side.

So you can stroll while walking the boardwalks, you can see up close the flowers.

During the period, such as miso collateral or Yamanoimonabe, there is also a dining treatment and special products corner, which was started regional cuisine,

There is also the announcement of local entertainment.

Also, now with the Mizubasho festival held,

As the 25th anniversary event, May 3 (Friday) to 4 days (Saturday) to "Basho Forest Candle Night" will be held.

«Basho Forest Candle Night»

○ 5 May 3,

12:00 to 16:00 candle making workshop

○ 5 May 4 days

18:00 - Doors open

19:00 to lighting ceremony

19: Live by 15 to Ayano Oki

20:00 - Ferris

21:00 Heijo

Candle Night Contact of Basho forest

Sashimaki youth meeting Takahashi (e-mail:

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