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Fabre insect Symbol was translated to "Sonoji Shiina Exhibition" held


~ Fabre insect Symbol the translated Sonoji Shiina Exhibition

He was born Sonoji Shiina in 1887 Kakunodate, and pass the Buddha through the United States, returning in 1922. After that, we have translated the "insect Symbol" of Fabre. In the exhibition "Chuokoron" magazine "- freely Asere by standing Buddha 40 years over", letter addressed to friends and relatives from Sonoji, Articles other, will introduce the human Sonoji that can glimpse from the time of the article. At the same time we will introduce the materials named after the "insect Symbol".

♦ Venue Shinchosha Kinen Bungakukan

♦ held period 2019 years October 29 (Tuesday) to 2020 April 3 (gold)

※ Monday, except public holidays, the end of the year (12 / 29-12 / 31) Closed

♦ held Hours 9: 00-17: 00 (December to March 16:30 Closed) until ※ admission is 30 minutes before closing

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