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62ndDakigaeri Valley Autumn leaves festival


抱返Ri autumn leaves festival dates - Overview

Reiwa first year, October 10 (Thursday) to November 10 (Sunday)

Dakigaeri Valley is referred to as the Yabakei of the northeast, it is the attractions of fresh green and red leaves.
Feel free to can walk, view from "Iwahashi of God" is superb! We crowded with many tourists every year.
Various events during the period of autumn leaves festival also plenty!

Notice of typhoon No. 19

Under the influence of typhoon No. 19, October 12 (Saturday), but is 抱返 Ri promenade, which has been closed to traffic from 4:00 pm,

October 20 (Sunday) 13 pm 50 minutes later, the promenade is we opened up "Dakigaeri Jinja- God of Iwahashi -抱返headworks (waterfall front 200m retrospective)".

※ It is impassable until the waterfall of the retrospective.

As soon as decision is the future of information, we continue but We apologize for the inconvenience because it will guide you in a Web page or the like, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Notice of events canceled

October 13 (Sunday) Somiyabi OgiMaikai of performing arts showcase and the tea ceremony will be canceled.

▽ event schedule ▽

And safety prayer festival (ritual)

October 10 (Thursday) 11: 00-
Location:Dakigaeri Jinja before (at the time of rainy weather: Religious length floor)

· Performing arts showcase (There is also a discontinued case of rain)

October 13 (Sunday) from noon to Somiyabi OgiMaikai (discontinued)
October 19 (Saturday) from noon to Kinuko Takahashi Shachu
October 20 (Sunday) 15 am to screw (Akita Prefecture born comedy duo)
October 26 (Saturday) from noon to Somiyabi OgiMaikai
October 27 (Sunday) from noon to Kojiro Performing Arts Preservation Society
11 February (Saturday) from noon to Kojiro Performing Arts Preservation Society

· Tea ceremony [Tamagawa Enshu flow Makotosaki Shachu (Makotosaki SusumuTakashi)]

Date: October 13 (Sun) (discontinued), 20 (Sunday), 27 (Sun) 10:00 to 15:00
※ stop location in the case of rain: Valley orchards in the entry fee: 300 yen

- canyoning of the gathering (in recruiting participants)

Date and time: October 27 (Sunday) (rain or shine) 10:00 to 14:00
Wanted personnel: 30 people (first-come, first-served basis)
Entry fee: 1,500 yen (pre-application)
Please take your ※ lunch is their own.
Application: Semboku City Tazawako Tourist Information Center "Folake" telephone 0187-43-2111

- Kojiro power plant open to the public

Date and time: October 19 (Saturday) - 20 (Sunday)
The first 11: 00/2-th 14: 00-
Set Location: Kojiro power plant before (clerk induction)
Wanted Capacity: each time 20 people (Allowed on the day first-come, first-served basis, some name)
Entry fee: Free application to: Semboku City Tazawako Tourist Information Center "Folake" telephone 0187-43-2111

▽ Access ▽

5 minutes by car from near the National Highway 46 Route Kojiro
15 minutes by taxi from JR Kakunodate station
20 minutes by taxi from JR Tazawako station

▽ parking fee ▽

During autumn leaves festival period, parking is available at an additional cost.
Ordinary car: 300 yen for large vehicle: 1,000 yen

▽ shuttle bus service ▽

Tazawako> excursion path shuttle bus (one day unlimited ride)
Between October 12 (Saturday) to November 10 (Sunday), the bus will be operated until the autumn leaves festival venue from Kakunodate station, Tazawako station.
※ 10, May 13 (Sunday) will be suspended service throughout the day due to the impact of typhoon No. 19.
Adult (more than junior high school student) 1,000 yen / child (elementary school students) 500 yen more details, please check from the following download round Pasuchirashi.

【contact information】

Semboku City Tourism Division Telephone: 0187-43-3352
Semboku City Tazawako Tourist Information Center "Folake" Phone: 0187-43-2111
Semboku City Tourist Information Center "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura" Phone: 0187-54-2700
Nishiki-cho Tourism Association Tel: 0187-42-8480

Event information