About cancellation of "22nd Lake Tazawa Two-day March"


The executive committee will consider the "22nd Lake Tazawa Two-day March," which was scheduled to be held on October 3 (Sat) and 4 (Sun), in consideration of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. As a result of repeated efforts, it was unavoidable to cancel the event this time.

As a result of putting the safety and security of the staff and local people who support the tournament first, including the walkers who participate from all over the country every year, we decided that it would be difficult to hold the event.

This is a very disappointing report to everyone who was looking forward to the tournament, but we appreciate your understanding.

We will continue to work with new feelings toward the next convention, and we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

I sincerely hope that the effects of the spread of the new coronavirus infection will be resolved as soon as possible and that daily life will return.

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