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For discontinued "22nd Tazawako Tsudemachi"


October 3 (Saturday), had been scheduled to be held on four days (day), with regard to "22nd Tazawako Tsudemachi", taking into account the situation of the spread of the new corona virus, a study by the Executive Committee a result of superimposed, has decided the event is canceled forced this time.

Including our Walker you are a part from previous years all over the country, as a result of the safety and security of everyone of the staff and regions who support the tournament was considered in the first, has determined that it is difficult to hold.

It becomes very disappointing report to everyone had been looking forward to the tournament, but thank you for your understanding.

Since we are working with a new feeling for the next tournament, I like, thank you to look forward to your understanding and cooperation, not change even in the future.

The new coronavirus affected by the spread converge as soon as possible, we sincerely hope that the day-to-day life will come back.

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