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The discontinuation of sasara tourism events (sasara Mai Feed Bon events)

ささら観光行事の中止について (ささら舞 送り盆イベント)

Had been scheduled to be held on August 15 (Saturday), "Sasara Mai tourism event of Kakunodate" We will inform you that it has become the event is canceled as measures to prevent expanding the new coronavirus infection.

The people had been looking forward to the event will be very disappointing report, but thank you for your understanding.

It should be noted that, with regard to "Sasara dance" performed in each area, we ask that you please contact us.
Currently With regard to the following areas, we have decided schedule. (Time TBD)
● Shiraiwa Sasara (Izure also August)
7 days Shiraiwa Shinmeisha night 13 days Kumoiwatera night 15 days Kumoiwatera noon 20 days Shiraiwa Shinmeisha evening by ※ situation there might be changes, so Please note.

An inquiry Semboku City Tourist Information Center "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura" 0187-54-2700

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