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Notice of Akiiro Komichi in Kakunodate event is canceled

秋彩こみちinかくのだて 開催中止のお知らせ

"Akiiro Komichi ㏌ Kakunodate" is we are aiming to be held on October 3 days and 4 days in 2020, as a result of taking into account the current level of magnification of the new coronavirus infection, exhibitors like, as well as the safety and health of everyone of your visitors a top priority, we have decided the event is canceled this year's event. Once Although we considered the holding of taken anti-virus, Akiiro Komichi, we have held, supported by exhibitors from all over the country. In the current situation required a careful decision for the move across the county, exhibitors from all over the country, visitors were considered difficult.

With to everyone that gave me look forward to holding apologize deeply that it was a very disappointing announcements, thank you for your understanding.

Next year what has become a safe and secure world, we hope to see you to everyone smile.

Akiiro Komichi in Kakunodate HP You can see from here.

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