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"Semboku Experience" public commemorative project "Find Shaba Dabao!" 』

「Semboku Experience」公開記念企画 『シャバ駄馬男を探せ!』

Find out how many times Dabao Shaba appears in each video for a day trip / night and 2 days.

The correct answer will be a lottery for 10 people from Shimakawa Shoten, "Hachimantai Pork for 3,000 yen (including shipping fee)"

(One company) Lake Tazawa / Kakunodate Tourism Association will present "Kakunodate scented soap (for hand and body)" to 5 people.

◎ Rules

(1) The number of appearances is the sum of the total of "1 night 2 days ver. " And "day trip ver. ".

(2) The number of times the image is displayed on the screen is simply visible and recognizable.

③ Even in the same space, if the cut changes, each is counted as one time.

④ The end roll part is also included in the count.


[Hints for the complete road from Dabao Shaba]

・ The cut of the scene in the Komagatake Onsen corridor changes finely.

・ Exclude unrecognizable items such as too far or too small.

・ Count half your body and back.

・ I don't do anything confusing, such as mimicry or hiding.

・ Please be assured that there is no fake dressed in the same way.

Sightseeing experience video "Semboku Experience"

    Day trip ver.

  1 night 2 days ver.

◎ Click here for how to apply ↓ ↓

Please apply from the application form below! !!

"Find the Dabao Shaba! "Application Form

・ Application period: September 1, 2020 (Tuesday) -October 31, 2020 (Saturday)

・ One application per person

・ Announcement of correct answer November 1, 2020

・ Announcement of winning The announcement will be made when the product is shipped.

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