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Look for "Semboku Experience" public commemoration planning "Shaba Daba man! "

「Semboku Experience」公開記念企画 『シャバ駄馬男を探せ!』

Please be Sagashiate or Shaba Daba man is infested many times each day / night two days the video.

The answer's in the lottery (with) Shimakawa Shoten than shopping"Hachimantai pork 3,000 yen (shipping included)" 10 people,

Will be presented to (one company) Tazawako, Kakunodate tourist association than "Kakunodate scent of soap (for hand & body)," the five people.

◎ rules

haunt the number of times the "ver 2 days 1 night." "Day ver." Will be determined by adding each of the total.

② will be simply visually, the number of times reflected in the screen in a range that can be recognized.

counts and one each if Kaware is cut in the same space.

Part of ④ end credits also are included in the count.

Tip of the Shaba Daba man than-complete road]

Of-Komagatake Onsen corridor scene will cut changes finely

- too far, such as unrecognizable small is excluded.

I also count body half and from behind.

- Mimicry of equally confusing or hiding is not.

• The worry because the same is also not fake that was dressed

tourism experience video "Semboku Experience"

   Day ver.

1 night 2 days ver.

◎ How to apply here ↓↓

Please apply from the following application form! !

Look for "Shaba Daba man! "Application Form

- submission period September 1, 2020 (Tuesday) to 2020 October 31 (Sat)

- per person one-time application of

· Correct announced 2020 November 1,

- winner announcement and the announcement with a dispatch of goods

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