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The closure of the Sakura-Namiki Paking lot and old corner high ground temporary parking


3/29, tourist events executive committee of Kakunodate has decided to cancel this year's Cherry Blossom Festival. However, in Semboku City, as the cherry blossoms bloom, parking and stopping, etc. of Kakunodate town streets, including the samurai residences street, also assumes that road congestion is increased, so that the municipal parking can play a certain dam effect, around two places (Sakura-Namiki Paking lot, the old corner high ground temporary parking lot) has continued the business of.
However, the analysis of the usage of the parking lot of 4 / 18-19, also affect weather and flowering situation, than outside the prefecture number, more than 70% in the car of Akita number, than the expected to the dam effect, citizens Ya if you ensure the safety of tourists each other, it was deemed inappropriate to continue this situation.
That the parking lot is open, is gone supposed to be conducive to誘客, since it becomes a wrong message with respect to continuation of the parking business, for the time being than 4/20, Sakura-Namiki Paking lot and It will be closed the old corner high ground temporary parking.
Or more, and apologize for any inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.