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About the security plan for cherry blossoms in Kakunodate on April 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun)


The security plan was announced by Semboku City as follows.

Regarding the subject matter, in order to prevent the occurrence of crowded people, parking on the street, etc., we will strengthen security as follows.

Requests to the police and traffic guidance team

・ Strengthen patrol by police car ・ Tour around the city with traffic guidance car

City staff placement

・ Patrol by traffic guidance vehicle ・ Patrol on Samurai residence street, Iwakita line, prevention of congestion, call for prevention of parking on the street ・ Monitoring of intrusion into samurai residence pocket park parking lot, parking lot in front of Denshokan ・ Overall at Nakamachi Government building Correspondence, information aggregation

Security guard placement

・ (1)-(6) Place guards at intersections and samurai residence streets (1) Kawaramachi intersection (2) Iwakita line cherry blossom tree-lined T-shaped road (3) Iwakita line Yokomachibashi intersection (4) Iwakita Line Uchikawabashi intersection (5) Samurai residence entrance intersection (6) Yokomachi Jumonji intersection ・ Announce the message "Parking is closed" and "Please refrain from sightseeing" on the placard ・ Relieve traffic congestion, prevent street parking ・ Samurai residence street Security guards are assigned to prevent congestion and parking on the street.

Calling attention to entry and parking

・ Installation of a variate that urges no entry to the cherry blossom trees between Kojobashi and Yokomachibashi ・ Installation of a variate that urges no entry to the cherry blossom trees of Yokomachibashi to Uchikawabashi Validate installation to urge prohibition * There will be space for one car to pass without blocking.


・ If parking on the street occurs, please contact the Semboku Police Station (TEL: 0187-54-2111) immediately.
・ Currently, a state of emergency is being announced. Please refrain from sightseeing.

Inquiries about security plans

Semboku City Tourism and Commerce Department Tourism Division Izumiya, Komatsu
TEL: 0187-43-3352 / FAX: 0187-54-4102

For details, please see the Semboku City websiteSemboku City website