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April 25 (Saturday), about the security plan by Sakura correspondence of Kakunodate of 26 (Sunday)


As security plan of following than Semboku City has been announced.

About matter of title, in order to prevent dense of people, the occurrence of on-street parking, as described below, do the security strengthening.

police, demand for traffic guidance Corps

· Police car in the city patrol in the patrol strengthen and traffic guidance cars by

city staffing

- traffic patrol, samurai residence street by guidance car, patrol in Iwakita line, dense prevention, the voice of the on-street parking to prevent over-samurai residence pocket Park parking lot, the whole of the intrusion monitoring and Nakamachi Government building to the folklore museum before parking correspondence, information-intensive

guards arrangement

· (1) to (6) intersection and samurai residence place the guards placed to the street (1) Kawahara-cho intersection (2) Iwakita line cherry trees T-shaped intersection (3) Iwakita line alley Bridge intersection (4) Iwakita line Uchikawa Bridge intersection (5) samurai residence entrance intersection (6) "in the parking lot closed" in the alley cross intersection placard "tourism should refrain from" announcement, easing traffic congestion messages, on-street parking prevention response and samurai residence street the guards placed, dense prevention, multiplied by the voice of the street parking prevention

Beware of - site and parking

- Kojo Bridge and alley bridge between the entrance to the Bariketo installation and Kakunodate Junior High School to encourage off-limits to the cherry blossoms of Bariketo installation and alley Bridge and Uchikawa Bridge to encourage off-limits to the cherry trees (SakuraYoshi town side, 341 No. side) parked in Bariketo installation ※ space that can be one car automobile traffic without the blockade to encourage the prohibition is open.


- Street parking occurs at the time of, Senboku police station (TEL: 0187-54-2111) Please contact as soon as possible to.
• Current, is in an emergency declaration issued. Tourism will ask that you please refrain from.

Inquiry about the security plan

Semboku City Tourism Chamber of Commerce and Industry section Tourism Division Izumiya, Komatsu
TEL: 0187-43-3352 / FAX: 0187-54-4102

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