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7th cherry pruning volunteer

第7回 桜の剪定ボランティア

It will bloom cheerfully cherry Kakunodate!!

Semboku City Sakura Advisor

Along with the tree doctor Mr. Noboru Kurosaka

Why do not you participate in the cherry pruning volunteer! !

◎ location Kakunodate Sports Park Ochiai

◎ date and time Reiwa 2 November 16 (Monday) until around 9:00 am to 10

◎ tool high branch pruning shears, high branch pruning saws, work gloves, etc. (sorry to trouble you, but please bring your own.)

Including those of Semboku City, it is anyone can participate. (free)

※ you or shine light rain.

Please join us in looking that can not cold work ※.

※ parking lot, please use the Ochiai Athletic Park parking lot.

※ thank you to wear a mask.

We look forward to your participation everyone! !

Please click here for details of the flyer (PDF data) ⇊

(PDF: 889KB)