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Introducing the old map version! The Kakunodate Digital Guide Map has been completed! !!


Kakunodate's digital guide map has been completed

Kakunodate Town Discount Map has been newly added to the digital map of Kakunodate Guide Map! !!
You can experience a new way to enjoy your trip while checking your current location with one hand on your mobile .
You can also enjoy a walk while comparing it with the old map made during the Kyoho era (1716-1736).
* No login or download required!

Kakunodate Guide MAP1: Surface                [Surface] QR code is here ⇈

Kakukan Kakunodate MAP2: Back side ⇈ [Back side] QR code is here ⇈

Kakunodate Warizu ⇈ [Kakunodate Warizu] QR code is here ⇈

Tradesman Town Mansion Split Picture ⇈ [Towner Town Mansion Split Picture] QR code is here ⇈