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About the use of "pine needles - Tazawako tour taxi"


While enjoying the car window of Akita Nairikusen mystery of the lake "Tazawako", to the small Kyoto "Kakunodate"!
Taxi that connects the Tazawako Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo "Matsuba Station"!
Discount fares than cash in the QR code settlement! !
Please use please! (Issued Apr. 3 years Reiwa)

Gozanoishi course ⇒ Matsuba Station ~ Gozanoishi~ Tazawako banks - hot-spring village

Statue of Tatsuko course ⇒ Matsuba Station ~ Statue of Tatsuko- Tazawako banks ~ JR Tazawako station

■ reservation destination

Tazawa Tourism Co., Ltd. TEL: 0187-43-1221
※ Reservations are required for up to 2 hours in advance.
※ in the QR code settlement, the fare will be cheaply than cash.

■ Contact Us

Semboku City Tourism and Culture Sports Division Tourism Division TEL: 0187-43-3352

The timetable, charges, etc. more information please click here (PDF data) ⇊


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