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[Akiiro Komichi in Kakunodate 2021] exhibitor recruitment (recruiting period end)

【秋彩こみちinかくのだて2021】 出展者募集(募集期間終了)

The fourth held in 2021 "Akiiro Komichi in Kakunodate"
[Application period has ended]

There is a situation that still does not foresee a termination prospect of the new coronavirus infection, but we are preparing for the organizer.
National writer's and shops, where you will find the participation in such as restaurants, Please applicants always seeing the "Application Guidelines" and "new coronavirus infectious disease control" below.

※ Please apply than Akiiro Komichi HP "Application Form". (Lower described)

⇊ Akiiro Komichi in Kakunodate Application Guidelines ⇊


⇊ new coronavirus infectious diseases ⇊


✔ AkiAya alley for your application is here ✔ Https://Akiiro-komichi.Com/