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Kakunodate Satoku Garden[Akita Inu Samurai Maru Bukemaru collaboration project product release! ]

角館さとくガーデン【秋田犬武家丸Bukemaru コラボレーション企画商品発売!】

Akita Inu Samurai Maru Bukemaru collaboration project product
New release from August 27th (Friday)


In collaboration with the dog Barneys of this time basketball B league Taniguchi Taichi players, it Tsu Do the design is charming by special designers like.
We hope that you will love the cute goods of Samurai Maru that are illustrated.


Samurai Maru Tote Bag (W360 mm x H370 mm x D110 mm) 1680 yen

Samurai Maru Mug Red 1680 Yen

Samurai Maru Mug Blue 1780 Yen

Samurai Maru mask 1200 yen

Samurai Maru Clear File 380 yen (all including tax)

In addition, we also have samurai-maru key chains, clear stands, stickers, etc.


Kakunodate Satoku Garden.

For shipping inquiries, please contact Satoku Garden.



For important people who spend a lot of time at home in the with corona life that lasts for a while