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To everyone who came to Semboku City

▶▶ A wonderful gift from Semboku City by lottery for those who answered the questionnaire!

Thank you for visiting Semboku City.
We would love to hear your opinions as Semboku City will become a more satisfying and attractive tourist destination.
We will send a wonderful gift of Semboku City to those who cooperated by lottery.
(* Please note that you can only answer the questionnaire once per person. In addition, the personal information you provide will be used to send the product to the winners and will not be used for any other purpose.)

● Target: Customers coming to Semboku City after 2015 ● Recruitment period (2nd term): Reiwa 3rd year (April 1, 3rd year of Reiwa to the end of March 4th year of Reiwa)
● Announcement of Winners: April, 4th year of Reiwa(Winners will be contacted to the email address entered when answering the questionnaire)


・Hotel Folkloro Kakunodate 1 night 2 days pair accommodation voucher (1 group)
・Andojyozo Co., Ltd. limited set (5-10 people)
・Shiraiwa Yaki hot water drink (1 person)
・ "Japanese famous hot water series" bath salt "Nyuto" 10 bags set (25 people)

As a result of the lottery, only those who win will be notified by email.
In that case, please note that if you do not reply to the shipping address etc. within 14 days from the notification, we will consider that you have declined the winning (awarding of prizes).

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▶▶ Request for questionnaire regarding sightseeing in Semboku City