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Congratulations! Two types of Takayanagi's bento boxes have been selected for the "Bento / Side dish award 2022"! !!


In the "Bento / Side dish award 2022" sponsored by the Delicatessen Trade Show

Two types of lunch boxes from Takayanagi Co., Ltd., "Chicken Steak Heavy Made with Sansho Miso"

"Sansho Kaoru Mikariba Okaribayaki" was selected! !!


▶ What is the "Bento / Side dish award" ?

This is a program that selects and commends particularly excellent products from the many lunch boxes, side dishes, salads, breads, etc. that are actually sold at supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, etc.

You can easily enjoy Kakunodate's local cuisine "Okaribayaki" as a bento.

This will be on sale from February 1st (Tuesday) ! !!

"Chicken steak heavy made with Japanese pepper miso" is only available on weekdays (all Itoku and Takayanagi stores) ,

"Sansho Kaoru Mikariba Okaribayaki" will be on sale only on weekends (all Takayanagi stores) ! !!

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