Samurai AKITA - Tazawako Kakunodate TRAVEL GUIDE

What's New

March 1st (Tuesday) -March 13th (Sunday) Public facilities are closed


We apologize for the inconvenience to all visitors and citizens, but from March 1st to 13th, the following facilities will be closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

[Common to all districts]

  • Public hall (use restrictions)
  • gym
  • Budokan

[Kakunodate district]

  • Kakunodate Kabazaiku Densyokan
  • Samurai residence Kawarada family, former Ishiguro (Megumi) family in Semboku City
  • Learning Museum, Shinchosha Kinen Bungakukan, General Information Center
  • Nakagawa Community Center, Shiraiwa Village Center, Kumosawa Village Center

[Tazawako area]

  • Tazawako Kunimasu Trout Museum, Omoide-no Kata Branch School
  • Tazawako Library
  • Employment Improvement Center
  • Semboku City Hall

[Nishiki district]

  • Yamabatokan
  • Nishiki Community Center