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By Airplane! On the Shinkansen (Adult Holiday Club Pass)! !! A little service


✿ For customers using "Airplane" or "Adult Holiday Club Pass" during the spring holiday season
We will carry out a little service ✿

During the period, we will prepare various services at souvenir shops, restaurants, accommodations, tourist facilities, etc. in Semboku City, and we look forward to your visit.
* By presenting your ticket (pass), you can receive various services! !!
* Please note that the implementation period is different .

Implementation period: April 11th (Monday) to April 20th (Wednesday)
"Adult Holiday Club Pass" A little service ● Please present your ticket at the store.

(Kakunodate district PDF213KB) (Tazawako district PDF112KB)

Implementation period: April 1st (Friday) to April 30th (Saturday)
A little service by "using an airplane" ● Please show your boarding pass at the store.

(Kakunodate area airplane PDF326KB) (Tazawako area airplane PDF175KB)