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Received "Phoenix Award 2021"!


Tazawako/ Kakunodate Tourism Association

Received "Phoenix Award 2021"! !!

▶ "Phoenix Award" (sponsored by Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization)

This is the second "Phoenix Award" that has been held since 2020.
This award is given to groups and individuals who have contributed to the revitalization of the region through tourism promotion related to the six prefectures of Tohoku and Niigata prefecture, and whose achievements have been remarkable.
From 10 groups / individuals who applied from all over Tohoku, 3 groups have been awarded this time based on the past activity results and future activity plans.

▶ Award details
Disseminate charm with a new style that meets the needs of Korona-ka!
Outdoor activity development project around Tazawako

▶ Achievement summary
The association paid attention to the outdoor needs caused by Korona-ka, and was praised for creating new style activities centered on Tazawako, proposing ways to spend nighttime, and establishing a reception system in collaboration with Tazawako Tazawako Skiing area. ..

For details of the award, please see the Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization website. ⇊

Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization Homepage: Press Release