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Regarding parking reservations for the bus for “Kamihinokiuchi Paper Balloon Raising 2024” [Closed]


If you are coming by bus to "Kamihinokiuchi Paper Balloon Raising 2024" which will be held on Saturday, Reiwa 10, 2020, you will need to reserve a parking lot in advance.

▶Reception period: Reiwa 1, 2020 (Friday) to January 31, 2020 (Wednesday)
*Bus reservations have reached the number of parking spaces available on Wednesday, December 6th.
Reservations are now closed.

Please fill out the downloaded “Kamihinokiuchi Paper Balloon Raising” Bus Reservation Application Form below.
Please apply by fax to the Nishiki Tourist Information Center.

Event information will be announced as soon as details are decided.

“Kamihinoki Paper Balloon Raising 2024”
Bus parking reservation application form *Closed (PDF data)



Kamihinoki Paper Balloon Hoisting Preservation Committee (Nishiki Tourist Information Center)

TEL・FAX 0187-42-8480