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Kakunodate Bushido - Iai Experience and Zazen Experience

角館武士道-「居合体験」と「坐禅体験」(Kakunodate Bushido -Iai Experience and Zazen Experience)

You can now experience ``Iaido'' and ``Zazen'' in Kakunodate! It is an authentic experience where you will be taught by a master who has mastered the method! Please note that both experiences are limited to foreigners. All experiences include an English-speaking guide. The contents of the experience are as follows.

◎Iaido experience

Through the Iai experience, you will not only train your mind, but also learn about the history of the Kakunodate samurai and the samurai spirit that has been passed down through generations. The venue for the experience faces Samurai Residence Street, which has remained unchanged since the Edo period, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of the samurai era. Why not try the Iai experience that can only be experienced in Kakunodate?

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◎Zazen experience

Many samurai lived in Kakunodate during the Edo period. Samurai practiced zazen not only to train their martial arts, but also to train their minds. In this program, you can learn about the relationship between samurai and Zen, as well as Zen and training through a zazen experience. A tea ceremony with the chief priest and a gift of a goshuin seal are also included.

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