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Adult Holiday Club Pass - A Little Service

大人の休日倶楽部パス ちょっぴりサービス(6/20~7/2)

June 20th (Thursday) - July 2nd (Tuesday)
"Adult Holiday Club Pass" will be implemented ✌

During this period, souvenir shops, restaurants, accommodations, and tourist facilities in Semboku City will be offering a variety of services and we look forward to welcoming you.
Why not take a trip to the deep green Semboku City for a little extra value? (^o^)丿

*By presenting your pass (ticket), you can receive various little services!!

⇊Please refer to the flyer below for details of our services⇊
*Availability begins from Thursday, June 20th.

(Kakunodate area PDF 214KB)

(Tazawako area PDF 99.2KB)