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[Akita Nairikusen] extraordinary fast Katakuri No.


[Akita Nairikusen] extraordinary fast Katakuri No.

15 minutes from Kakunodate station(Akita Nairikusen use)

Hachitsu Katakuri clumps of township to go in Akita Nairikusen extraordinary fast No. Katakuri

<Fare> Kakunodate over Hachitsu 370 yen (adult, one way) / express charge 160 yen

Inquiries about the Nairikusen

Nairikusen Kakunodate station TEL0187-54-3758

Hachitsu Katakuri clump of Township

Period: April 20 (Sat) to May 3 (Friday holiday)

Time: 30 pm 8 to 16 hours 30 minutes

Venue: Hachitsu Katakuri group of fabric (5-minute walk from Hachitsu Station)

Admission: 300 yen

(Entrance fee will be utilized for storage activities and course preparation of the park)

Contact Katakuri flowering information

Katakuri Hall TEL: 0187-47-3535 (8: 30 ~ 16: 30)

<Please see brochure for more information (PDF)>

※ brochure is also available in the attached file.