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Kakudate Bukeyashiki Street is being lit up


Don't miss the cherry blossoms at night on Kakudate Bukeyashiki Street! !!

Lighting up by a lighting designer!

Implementation period April 20th to May 5th

17: 30-22.30

You can see more beautiful night cherry blossoms by expanding the illuminated area even more than last year.

JR [Akita Shinkansen Komachi ] Recommended time from Akita Station

Depart Akita Station 18:16 → Arrive at Kakunodate Station 18:58
Depart Kakunodate Station 22:19 → Arrive Akita Station 23:02

About 20 minutes on foot from Kakunodate Station to Bukeyashiki Street and Hinokinai Tsutsumi

Akita- Kakunodate round trip is advantageous with the coupon type discount ticket " W ticket" that allows you to use the standing seats of the Akita Shinkansen "Komachi" !
[Akita ← → Kakunodate 4,520 yen]

At the end of work, you can enjoy your meal while watching the cherry blossoms at night in time!

Even those who see the cherry blossoms during the day can enjoy a different atmosphere, so please take a look at the fantastic cherry blossoms that are lit up.