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Please suggestions to attractive tourist community development


Please suggestions to attractive tourist community development

Institute Tazawako, Kakunodate Tourism Association, in 2019, March 29, the candidate corporation of Japan version of DMO

By registered, promote the effective and efficient to attract customers and make the most of local resources "earn"

We aim to tourism regional development. In promoting the business,

Such as "To get to come a lot to Semboku City..." "In the getting them a lot of money Semboku City...",

For issues and ideas and measures for the region to moisture activation, a variety of your recommendations from many people

We would like me.

It is proposed, held a working group to hear the opinions of people who are active in the area and on-site

Since I, such as "I want to become a member." "I want to express an opinion", those who wish to participate,

Thank you so give us contact the secretariat.

◇ Day / Reiwa first year, August 27 (Tuesday) 18: 00 ~

◇ Venue / Kakunodate Kabazaiku Densyokan

◇ draft matter (planned) /

(1) an overview of the DMO

(2) the role of the working group

(3) Other

Secretariat: DMO candidate corporation

Institute Tazawako, Kakunodate tourism organizations

Yubinbango014-0369   Sugasawa above Semboku City Kakunodate 394-2

TEL: 0187-42-8280 / FAX: 0187-42-8290