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[10/20 update]Dakigaeri Valley walking path some road closures Announcement

【10/20更新】抱返り渓谷散策路 一部通行止めのお知らせ

Section which had been a closed to traffic due to the influence of fallen trees, such as by typhoon No. 19 is, October 20 (Sun) 13:00 50 minutes later

We will inform you that it has become a part open.

promenade opening section

Dakigaeri Jinja- God of Iwahashi -抱返headworks (up to the waterfall front 200 meters of the retrospective)

(Passable section 1.3 km)

closed to traffic section

About 0.2 km 抱返Ri headworks to the waterfall of retrospective

(Not toll until the waterfall of retrospective)

road closure period

Reiwa first year, October 20 (Sunday) and later at 15 to resume undecided

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