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Kai Let's make mini Kamakura [Kakunodate Station]


Mini Kamakura making experience was very popular last year, it will be held at Kakunodate also this year the station!

Anyone, even from one OK! "Semboku City community building Cooperation Volunteers YY" will tell carefully.

Even if you have visited a tourist, also who're in the area, let's make a lot of mini-Kamakura together!

【event date】

February 8 (Sat) foundation making 10:00 -

February 9 (Sun) creation and foundation building from 10:00 to Kamakura making the evening lighting

February 10 (Monday), 13 (Thursday), 14 days (gold) On 17:00 lit

※ There is also subject to change depending on the state of the future of snow.

[Location] Kakunodate Station

【Contact Us】 (Semboku City community building Cooperation Volunteers YY)


The photograph is a state in which was held last year.