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Let's make a mini kamakura [Kakunodate station square]


The mini kamakura making experience that was very popular last year will be held in front of Kakunodate station again this year!

Anyone can start from one! "Semboku City Regional Development Cooperation Corps YY" will teach you carefully.

Whether you are visiting for sightseeing or living in the area, let's make a lot of mini kamakura together!

【event date】

February 8th (Sat) Making the foundation 10: 00 ~

February 9th (Sun) Creation / Foundation 10: 00-Kamakura making Evening lighting

February 10th (Monday), 13th (Thursday), 14th (Friday) lighting 17:00 lighting

* Subject to change depending on future snow conditions.

[Place] In front of Kakunodate Station

【Contact Us】

semboku.yy@gmail.com (Semboku City Regional Development Cooperation Corps YY)


The photo shows the event when it was held last year.