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What's New

Troupe Warabiza is give "Akita winter festival"


Snow Country and Akita of feel the "winter of charm", feel free to enjoy such an event!

The motif of the traditional events of the country, in a small one of the festival attracted little by little!

Akita Art Village unique hands-on special program.

In the nature of winter Akita, please enjoy the atmosphere of the snow country!

■ Dates Reiwa 2 January 18 (Saturday), 25 days (Sat)

February 1 (Sat), 8 (Saturday) - 15 (Saturday), 29 days (Sat)

■ Place Akita art village special site (hotel building before - the central square - Warabi Gekijo ago)
※ accepted - set the hotel building 1F lobby

■ Time Schedule 19:00 Registration starts (hotels, 1F lobby)
19:30 Warabiza is give "Akita of Jeongwol event" Ferris Free!
19:45 heaven brush grilled addition to experience corner (surcharge) rice cake baked / miso ball making, etc.

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