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For Warabi Gekijo performances musical first day postponed

わらび劇場公演 ミュージカル初日延期について

"The sky! Sky! Sky !!! - Akita, woman aviator, except peep Yae story - was flying around Japan," Warabi Gekijo performances musical about the first day postponement

"The sky! Sky! Sky !!! - Akita, woman aviator, except peep Yae story - that was flying around Japan," 2020 fiscal year new musical than Warabi Gekijo April 11, is preparing to stage a you.
However, in the national spread of the new coronavirus infection, because of the spread of infection prevention, every effort has become a need.
For this reason, Warabi Gekijo to cancel the performance of up to April 11 to 23 days, we will assume that I am allowed to postpone the first day of this work to April 25.
The customers us looking forward to the performances We apologize to any inconvenience.
After the performances start in terms of thorough a new type of coronavirus infection prevention measures, we will implement the staged. Please for your understanding.
Regarding the future of the performances, when there is a special request from the government and local governments, we would like to once again guide you.

It should be noted, is to stop performances to already booking guests will receive a sequentially bracken individual guidance from the Warabi Gekijo.

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