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2020 Mt.Komagatake News of private cars regulation


Because of the congestion eliminated and the natural environment protection, in Komagatake trailhead section from (Kamoshika Parking branch point) to Komagatake eight Go eyes, fly of private cars, etc. will be regulated. Since the regulation implementation date can not be entering the private car, etc., and ask that give us your cooperation.


[Regulatory period]
Saturday until June 1 to October 31 days, Sunday and public holidays and June 21 - on weekdays until August 19


[Regulation time]
1:30 am 5 to 5:30 pm
By the situation of eight Go eyes parking lot, there is a case for restricting the fly even before regulation time.


However, all vehicles (including bicycles), (including the microbus of more than passenger capacity of 11 people) bus, taxi, hire and allow vehicle is excluded. Please follow the instructions in the induction members in regulation time.

Wheel large vehicle base is equal to or greater than 5 meters can not traffic.

And vehicles other than regulations, please passage attached to the rear of the regular bus.


[Alternate bus]
Regulatory implementation date, runs a regular bus between the plateau hot spring and Komagatake eight Go eyes. "Arupa Komakusa" will be a bus transfer location of private cars regulation.


【Parking Lot】
Arupa Komakusa parking lot, please use the plateau parking.