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Origin of cherry blossoms-Yoshino cherry tree-


Yoshino cherry tree on the Hinokinai River bank (designated as a national scenic spot)

A cherry blossom tunnel with a total length of 2 km.
Yoshino cherry tree in full bloom on the Hinokinai River bank that flows through the center of the town.

It was first planted in 1934 to commemorate the birth of His Majesty the Emperor.
Today, it is also designated as a national scenic spot.
Somei Yoshino cherry trees are environmentally friendly and have the characteristic of having pink-white flowers that cover the entire tree before the young green leaves appear, so when they are in full bloom, the petals grace the branches and the appearance is very spectacular.

Crisis of logging all at once! ??

It was not uncommon in Japan to plant cherry blossoms on a river embankment, but around 1972, when trees took root, the embankment was punctured, and when water penetrated from there, the embankment collapsed. The River Law stipulates that no trees should be planted on the embankment.
Instead, a method of planting turf was adopted.
The Hinokinai River bank was no exception. We faced a crisis that the cherry trees that the townspeople had cultivated with great care might be cut down.

The feelings of the residents who continued to protect the cherry blossoms

"I want to leave the cherry blossoms somehow"
As the plan progressed steadily, the idea taken by the townspeople was "Let's have the cherry blossoms on the Hinokinai River bank protected by law."

I came up with the idea of using the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties as opposed to the River Act, that is, to leave a tunnel of cherry blossoms 2 km on the Hinokinai River bank so that it can be protected by law as a cultural property under the designation of the country.
As a result, the town proposed to the parliament and certified the embankment as a town road. The "cherry blossoms on the embankment" are left uncut because they became "cherry blossoms as a tree-lined road", and the scenery is evaluated as a masterpiece in harmony with the gentle flow of the river. It was.

Overcome the crisis and become a country

The cherry blossoms on the Hinokinai River bank, which the residents continued to protect in this way, are now designated as a national scenic spot.

The cherry-colored tunnel, which spreads as if you were invited to the world of fairy tales, is filled with the passion of the people of the town for the cherry blossoms.

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