Samurai AKITA - Tazawako Kakunodate TRAVEL GUIDE


Mountain area that remains the most wide virgin forest in Akita Prefecture



Beginning main peak Wagadake the (1440 m), Yakushi-dake (1218 m), Shiraiwadake (1,177 meters), Mokko dake (1278 m), mountain of more than 1000 meters above sea level, such as Nakanosawa dake (1013 meters) has continuous to the north and south.

Wagasankai of the area north south of Maki valley from Sengantoge (Semboku City)(Daisen City), east Waga River upstream (Iwate Prefecture nishiwaga), west is what spread to Dakigaeri Valley. Wagasankai, Akita Prefecture form a mountain 30,000 hectares whole around the border ridge of Iwate, wilderness areas zone untouched with no human intervention such as deforestation and road construction, with one surface of which is not substantially separated It has spread in the area of up to about 15,000 hectares.

In addition, the headwaters that are derived from the ridge line integral to the entire mountain area is filled in a stable abundant amount of water was, has become a rich natural posture. (Excerpt from ""My natural Wagasankai academic research report "Wagasankai natural academic Committee editing issue of the Wagasankai")

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