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Merchant town of merchants, townspeople lined with.



Former merchant-cho

"Tomachi", in contrast to the samurai mansion-lined "Uchimachi", followed by the cityscape, such as merchant, you feel the history.

The remaining number is also old buildings and storehouses, modern while to cherish this space, we have been taking advantage of, such as a store or restaurant.

Ando house (city designated tangible cultural property)

Of Shimoshin Town, "Andojyozo Co., Ltd." is, as the built-parlor is a thing of the Tohoku region oldest surviving. Built facing the street, it was built to repeated learn in the great fire of 1891 outside the town (merchant Town) (1891). If you are using fired brick in Kakunodate SHIRAIWA, it has published in the current warehouse parlor.

Ota house

There Ando miso soy sauce brewing source of the opposite is the Ota family. In Ota family pedigree was the squire of Senboku region, built a homestead has continued to Tamachi Bukeyashiki-dori. Tamachi Bukeyashiki-dori there are still European-style building of the Ota family.

Sakamoto house

That redolent of bygone days in the lasted merchant of the warehouse from the Edo period is Sakamoto house of Kamishin the town. The only store built in Kakunodate, roof of plaster elephant and in Kakunodate unusual tile-roofing of the second floor construction is characteristic. In the winter, laying a straw mat on the roof, it has to prevent the tiles from sliding along with the snow.

Tatetsu house

Existing building, which was built in 1899, tells the taste of the merchant to modern. In the warehouse, which was built in the late Edo period is, such as hobbies and daily necessities that ancestors had actually used the Tatetsu house (Tatetsuka) "outside the town Archives Tatetsu" has been free public as you.
2004 "Hometown Landscape Award".

Detailed Information

Street address
Akita Prefecture Semboku City Kakunodate
Street address(Japanese)
Street addressAkita Prefecture Semboku City Kakunodate
Street address(Japanese)秋田県仙北市角館