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Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. Aeon Nakasenten


We are glad duty-free procedures to customers overseas, the closest shops from Kakunodate.
Electronic money chords also very popular sale in the points accumulate!
Appreciation Day is 5% OFF of 20 days 30 days. Point to get every time with your shopping and day to get the 5, further increase in deals is 10 days! Points reservoir can be used to shopping. I do not need small change in early checkout, it is convenient and deals cards.

Detailed Information

Street address
Yubinbango014-0203 Akita Prefecture Daisen Kitanagano shaped Hakamada 188
Street address(Japanese)
〒014-0203 秋田県大仙市北長野字袴田188
Telephone Number
Regular holiday
Credit card and electronic payment
Credit cards accepted
Parking Lot
1650 units
Wi-Fi Available
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Street addressYubinbango014-0203 Akita Prefecture Daisen Kitanagano shaped Hakamada 188
Street address(Japanese)〒014-0203 秋田県大仙市北長野字袴田188
Regular holidayNone
Credit card and electronic paymentCredit cards accepted
Parking Lot1650 units
Wi-FiWi-Fi Available
Home Page