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Sakura of Kakunodate

Origin of cherry- Shidarezakura Hen -


Shidarezakura decorate beautiful samurai residences

Dates back to before the Edo era from now about about 350 years.
Second generation of Kakunodate Satake family, in the trousseau was brought from Kyoto Sanjonishi the house at the time of your marriage is the wife of Yoshiaki, there were the three of cherry tree seedlings.

It is passed down the years is the original, has been reported to have become the "Shidarezakura of Kakunodate" that remains until today.

162 natural monument This is a country

In Japan, many of the cherry tree has been designated as a natural monument, but the country designation of cherry Shidareru is said to be less. In a certain about the current 450 This Shidarezakura, 162 this has been designated as a national natural monument.
Shidarezakura of Kakunodate flock to bloom landscape has been evaluated.
White and pink small petals of continuous thin branches extending supple. To taste a castle town, trees of cherry blossoms hanging from both sides of the samurai residences have perfect harmony.

Shinobu Kyoto, is a brilliant appearance of Shidarezakura in the 300-year-old will keep you soften the hearts of those who visit.

Varieties not exist that Shidarezakura?

In fact, there is no breed of "Shidarezakura" in the cherry tree. That "Ed cherry tree which flowers early" has become weeping, in other words, has been the thing that the branches that would go on to the original had hanging underneath.
Increases the weight of the distal end portion by branches of cell division progresses quickly, it seems that reason are considered as branches under've oriented nature. More than 90% of the cherry trees of samurai residences Road, is a variant in a Shidarezakura of this "Edo cherry tree which flowers early."

〇 Origin of cherry - Someiyoshino Hen

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