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Cherry blossoms in Kakunodate

The Origin of cherry- Someiyoshino edition -


Someiyoshino on the banks of the Hinokinai River (designated as a national scenic spot)

A 2km long cherry blossom tunnel.
Someiyoshino blossoms bloom on the banks of the Hinokinai River, which runs through the center of town.

It was originally planted in 1934 to commemorate the birth of the former Emperor.
It has now been designated as a national place of scenic beauty.
Someiyoshino trees are tolerant of harsh environments and have the characteristic of producing pale pink-white flowers that cover the entire tree before the green young leaves appear. When in full bloom, the petals decorate the branches in a spectacular fashion, making for a truly spectacular sight.

At one point, the entire area was in danger of being cut down!

It was not uncommon for people to plant cherry trees on river banks in Japan, but around 1972, the River Law was enacted, prohibiting planting trees on river banks, as it was thought that the trees would take root and create holes in the banks, which would allow water to seep in and cause the banks to collapse.
Instead, they decided to plant grass.
The Hinokinai River bank was no exception. The cherry trees that the townspeople had lovingly cultivated were in danger of being cut down.

The thoughts of the residents who continued to protect the cherry blossoms

"I want to preserve the cherry blossoms somehow."
As the planning progressed steadily, the townspeople came up with a proposal to "have the cherry trees on the banks of the Hinokinai River protected by law."

They came up with the idea of ​​using the Cultural Properties Protection Act instead of the River Act, in other words, to preserve the two-kilometer cherry blossom tunnel along the banks of the Hinokinai River by designating it as a cultural property and protecting it under law.
As a result, the town proposed to the assembly that the embankment be designated as a town road, and the "cherry trees on the embankment" were left uncut, as they became "cherry trees along a road lined with trees." Furthermore, the scenery, which harmonizes with the gentle flow of the river, was evaluated as being as beautiful as a masterpiece.

Overcoming the crisis and moving towards national designation

The cherry trees on the banks of the Hinokinai River, which the local residents have continued to protect, have now been designated a national place of scenic beauty.

The cherry blossom-colored tunnel that stretches out like a fairy tale world is filled with the passion that the townspeople have for cherry blossoms.

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