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Sakura of Kakunodate

Origin of cherry- Someiyoshino Hen -


Cypress Uchikawa banks of the Someiyoshino(national scenic spot specified)

Tunnel of cherry tree spanning the entire length of two kilometers.
Someiyoshino in full glory in a cypress Uchikawa bank that flows through the center of town.

1934 (1934) to it is an opening was planted to commemorate your birthday of Emperor Majesty.
At present, it has been designated as a national scenic spot.
Someiyoshino also is strong on the environment, because it has a feature that put a pink white flowers so as to cover the whole tree before the green of young leaves are out, the state decoration branches in splendid petals at the time of full bloom There are very impressive.

All once the felling of the crisis! ?

In Japan did is not uncommon because planting a cherry tree in the embankment of the river, around 1972, trees bored a hole in the dike and take root, and from which water has sunk when the embankment collapses thought is, the rule that is on the embankment not planting trees has been defined by the river Law.
I system instill the turf has been taken on its behalf.
Cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi also was no exception. We townspeople are facing the crisis that might would cut down the cherry tree that was nurtured with great assiduity.

Feelings of residents who continue to protect the cherry tree

"Somehow I want to leave the cherry"
While proceeds steadily plan, you plan the townspeople took was the idea of "cherry cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi'll let you protect by law."

Using the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties to the River Law, that I came up with trying to protect by law as cultural property in the specified countries to leave the cherry tunnel of cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi 2 km.
A result, the town is proposed to Congress authorized the bank to the town road. "Cherry on the embankment" is left without turning off by was the "cherry tree as a tree-lined avenue", further the landscape is in harmony with the gentle flow of the river, just been evaluated as a beauty, such as the masterpiece was you.

To overcome countries specify the crisis

In this way residents have continued to defend, cherry cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi has led to receive the designation of the country scenic spot in the current.

The cherry color of the tunnel spread as if invited to the world of fairy tale, but the passion that gather in the cherry tree of the people of the town are jammed a lot.

〇 Origin of cherry - Shidarezakura Hen

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