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Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural assets

Shiraiwa Sasara


When the Duke of your Kunigae Satake, has been taught from the Judges in Satake house. For the beginning of the matrix of exorcism, to those walking waving wooden musical instrument, then, reportedly rural lion dance is applied, it is sasara of Mito system.

Also been saved from the document referred to as the scroll in the district, the old days sickness is fashion, when it was prayer in Kiso and priests that were in trouble there is no effect, China monk think Haunting of determined purpose of the "likelihood the right to speak with ", here for the first time to Dana a drum to create a form of demon blow the whistle, begin to paid these disaster align the large number of matrix, has been marked.

Detailed Information

Street address
Akita Prefecture Semboku City Kakunodate Shiraiwa district
Street address(Japanese)
Street addressAkita Prefecture Semboku City Kakunodate Shiraiwa district
Street address(Japanese)秋田県仙北市角館町白岩地区